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Data Discovery, the number 1 priority for data-driven enterprises

As thousands of datasets are being created each day, enterprises find themselves struggling to understand and gain insights from their information. Usually messy, scattered and unorganized, data & analytics teams are found spending most of their time cleaning up a Big Data mess! In fact, many recent surveys still state
that data science teams spend 80% of their time preparing and tidying their data instead of analyzing and reporting it.

Another part of the problem is that many organizations still rely on manual solutions to data management. The numerous and diverse data added on a daily basis makes it extremely challenging, even impossible, to manually maintain data ingestion!

This is where data discovery solutions come in

Through automated capabilities, data discovery allows data & analytics teams to discover patterns and trends to harness and exploit data for quicker and better decision making. Knowing this, enterprises all over the world, both big and small, have started adopting data discovery solutions within their organizations.

Whether they are developed internally, or bought from Data Discovery vendors, it is no secret that this challenge isn’t just a new data buzzword, but an essential way for companies to become data driven.

In this white paper, we go over the context and the implementation of data discovery solutions developed by large Tech companies, some belonging to the famous ˮThe Big Fiveˮ or ˮGAFAMˮ (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft). As these huge corporations quickly understood the value that their data potentially has, their number one priority was to find a way to discover, understand and trust in their information assets for all employees.


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Discover why Data Discovery solutions are essential

Discover why Data Discovery solutions are essential