How Zeenea mirrors the Data Mesh:

Unraveling the benefits of an Enterprise Data Marketplace powered by a federated knowledge graph

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[Recorded at the Data Innovation Summit 2024]


As Data Mesh continues to gain global momentum and shifts into implementation, a critical question arises: How can we effectively transition from theory to practice?

A significant, yet unresolved paradox in data mesh architectures is the monolithic nature of the metadata layer. Join Ole Olesen-Bagneux, Chief Evangelist at Zeenea and renowned author of 'The Enterprise Data Catalog' (O’Reilly), as he reveals how Zeenea is pioneering a solution to this paradox.


Key takeaways: 

✔️ Learn what is a Metadata Monolith

✔️ Discover what a Federated Knowledge Graph is 

✔️ Explore the benefits of the Enterprise Data Marketplace.



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