Demystifying Data Products

How to design, publish, and share Data Products

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As decentralized approaches to data management and the Data Mesh are gaining widespread adoption in large organizations worldwide, creating, and managing Data Products has become indispensable to unlock the full potential of valuable data assets.

However, many data consumers still struggle with finding, discovering, and accessing their enterprise Data Products.

It is for this reason that Zeenea developed an Enterprise Data Marketplace, a one-stop shop for creating, maintaining, sharing, and consuming Data Products, as well as the organizations’ most valuable data assets.

Watch O’Reilly authors of “Unifying Business, Data, and Code” Ron Itelman & Juan Cruz Viotti, as well as Zeenea’s Chief Evangelist and author of “The Enterprise Data Catalog” (O’Reilly) Ole Olesen-Bagneux and Amir Hamza, Pre-Sales Engineer at Zeenea, discuss:

✔️  An exclusive interview with Ron & Juan as they discuss their freshly released book “Unifying Business, Data, and Code,” (O’Reilly) and their methodology to align business and technical teams.

✔️  A deep dive into their approach to defining and designing Data Products, discussing the importance of knowledge systems and why APIs & JSON Schema are fundamental.  

✔️  A demonstration of how Zeenea seamlessly enables the publication, sharing, and consumption of these Data Products within its Enterprise Data Marketplace.



Our guest speakers - O'Reilly authors


juan image


986170_433259  Juan Cruz Viotti

Co-author of 'Unifying business, data, and code' (O'Reilly) & Co-founder of

Juan Cruz Viotti is co-founder of Intelligence.AI, and leads his own open-source lab based on award-winning research at Oxford University. He collaborates with the JSON Schema organization.

ron image


986170_433259  Ron Itelman

Co-author of 'Unifying business, data, and code' (O'Reilly) & Co-founder of

Ron Itelman is co-founder of Intelligence.AI, and has significant expertise in designing collaborative intelligence systems at the intersection of AI, cognitive psychology, data, and design.


Zeenea speakers


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favicon_zeenea-1  Ole Olesen-Bagneux

Author of 'The Enterprise Data Catalog' (O'Reilly) & Chief Evangelist at Zeenea

Ole Olesen-Bagneux is a globally recognized thought leader in data catalogs and enterprise data management. He has written 'The Enterprise Data Catalog' published by O'Reilly. He recently joined Zeenea as Chief Evangelist.

amir new image


favicon_zeenea-1  Amir Hamza

Pre-Sales Engineer at Zeenea

Amir began his career at a project management software company. He joined Zeenea in 2020, as a data management expert within his role as a Customer Success Manager. He recently became a Pre-Sales Engineer to help companies get more value from their data through Zeenea.