From Data Discovery to Access: Enable an End-to-end Business User Experience

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In recent years, data management has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of data mesh - organizations are shifting to a more decentralized and domain-oriented approach to managing data assets, including creating and managing data products.

Despite the promise of this approach, many businesses still face the challenge of enabling data consumers to effectively find, discover, and securely access the organization's most valuable data assets.

Recognizing this persistent struggle, Zeenea - leader in data discovery, and Raito - leader in data access management, have joined forces to offer an end-to-end experience to business users: from discovery to data access, all within a single platform.

In this webinar replay, join Bart Vandekerckhove, Co-founder at Raito, and Guillaume Bodet, co-founder and CPTO at Zeenea to:

✔️  Learn more about the critical factors behind the rise of decentralized data management and data mesh adoption.

✔️  Understand the challenges of finding and accessing organizations' most valuable data assets.  

✔️  Acknowledge the necessity for efficient and robust data access management in maximizing the value of data assets.

✔️ Get insights into Zeenea's technology, empowering 360° data discovery within its Enterprise Data Marketplace.

✔️ Live the ultimate Business User experience by Zeenea & Raito with a live demo of the integration of both solutions.



About the speakers 




favicon-zeenea Guillaume Bodet

Co-founder & CTPO at Zeenea

Guillaume Bodet is a product leader with a rich career. He was Principal Consultant on Distributed Architectures at Borland, CTO and Partner at Xebia, and CTO - Head of Product & Engineering at Finance Active, culminating in his current position at Zeenea.



icon-raito Bart Vandekerckhove

CEO & Co-founder at Raito

As the CEO and co-founder at Raito, Bart believes that data security and innovation can perfectly coexist. Before co-founding Raito, Bart was Sr. Product Manager Data Privacy at Collibra where he built out Collibra’s data privacy offering.