Overcoming Adoption Hurdles: Zeenea's Paradigm Shift in Data Cataloging



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In today's era of handling vast data volumes, the need for an effective data catalog solution has become evident. Yet, the majority of traditional data cataloging solutions grapple with a critical challenge — widespread adoption. The root of this issue lies in their complexity, technical nature, and lack of user-friendliness, which perplexes business users and discourages their engagement.

Understanding this, Zeneea designed a knowledge graph-powered search engine to stand as a paradigm shift, revolutionizing data discovery and cataloging for business users throughout the organization.

In partnership with LBMC, join Ole Olsen-Bagneux, renowned O’Reilly author of "The Enterprise Data Catalog", and Luc Legardeur, co-founder of Zeenea. They will lead you on an immersive journey through Zeenea's platform and how it empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets.

Hosted by LBMC

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About the speakers

Luc Legardeur


Luc started his career at Microsoft and Oracle. He then held various management positions for American software vendors in Europe. Serial entrepreneur, in 2004, he founded a group of consulting firms in the fields of Agile development and coaching, Java, Data, Mobile, Dotnet, and Salesforce. Founder of Xebia and XebiaLabs, he sold these two companies and joined Zeenea at the start of 2020. Luc is the initial investor of Zeenea and plays an operational role in its international expansion.

Ole Olesen-Bagneux


Ole Olesen-Bagneux is a globally recognized thought leader on data catalogs and enterprise data management. He has written 'The Enterprise Data Catalog' published by O'Reilly. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen, in Library- and Information Science. His expertise of data management and -mesh is that of a specialist, a leader and an architect. After a rich experience as Enterprise Architect with GN Store Nord, he recently joined Zeenea as Chief Evangelist.

About the hosts

Jon Hilton


Jon Hilton is Shareholder-in-Charge of LBMC’s Consulting and BI practice. As a senior data leader, data strategist, and data scientist, Jon helps organizations leverage data to achieve their business goals and objectives. He is a client facing business leader and engagement manager who leads teams of data professionals to successfully execute data projects. His leadership style pushes for action, and he is adept at pivoting an organization from digital strategy to executing on a roadmap. Jon’s technical skills include Python, Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning. His communication style bridges business and data conversations with senior executives and organizational leaders. 

Will Son


Will Son is a Senior Manager in LBMC’s Consulting and BI practice, as the LBMC’s Manufacturing Sector Leader, Will has over 2 decades of IT consulting experience with the Big Four. Will has dedicated his career to developing cutting-edge NextGen Analytics and Information Management capabilities in various areas including Talent, Digital Transformation, Analytics, Data Management, and Technology. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information System Management from UMBC and a Data Strategy Certification from University of Berkley Executive Program.