How does Data Democracy strengthen Agile Data Governance?

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Very centralized, sometimes bureaucratic, traditional enterprises tend to focus on data control and conformity, often resulting in limiting data access among all company employees. 


This dynamic is avoidable and the way web giants conform is quite frankly not that different from how others do – the security and conformity restraints to which they are subjected to require it. 

It would appear that what distinguishes them is less so the form of governance than the culture which permeates it. This culture has a name: Data Democracy

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✔️The Data Steward's multiple facets,


✔️The different existing data cultures in organizations,

(Data Monarchy, Data Anarchy, Data Aristocracy, and finally Data Democracy)


✔️The new roles of agile data governance,


✔️How a data catalog can help your enterprise put in place a data democracy culture.

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