How Silwood and Zeenea help organizations discover and unlock the value from SAP data - Live demo

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Manually finding the data you need for a specific business use case is a tedious and challenging task that often requires access to scarce technical resources. More importantly, not having a clear understanding of metadata can delay a project and increase the risk of inaccuracies and under-delivery.

The combination of Zeenea and Silwood’s Safyr® technologies accelerates the critical metadata discovery phases of data catalog and data governance projects, involving applications from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle.

In this 30-minute webinar, join Roland Bullivant - Silwood Technology’s Sales and Marketing Director - and Luc Legardeur - Zeenea’s Co-founder and CEO to discover:

➡️ The challenges of accurately finding and understanding metadata from SAP

➡️ How Silwood Safyr® integration with Zeenea enables business users to quickly unlock the value of their SAP metadata.


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About our speakers


Roland Bullivant


Roland Bullivant is a veteran of the software industry and for most of his career he has worked with enterprise customers to increase the value they realise from their data by specialising Data and Information Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Data Governance technologies. During that time he has worked for organisations such as SAP/Business Objects, SeeBeyond and Siebel (both now Oracle) and joined Silwood Technology in 2010.

Luc Legardeur


Luc started his career at Microsoft and Oracle. He then held various management positions for American software vendors in Europe. Serial entrepreneur, in 2004, he founded a group of consulting firms in the fields of Agile development and coaching, Java, Data, Mobile, Dotnet, and Salesforce. Founder of Xebia and XebiaLabs, he sold these 2 companies joined Zeenea at the start of 2020. Luc is the initial investor of Zeenea and plays an operational role in its international expansion.