How Zeenea enabled Autostrade per l’Italia to control and value their data knowledge (Italian)

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Autostrade per l’Italia is a leading European concessionary for the construction and management of toll motorways with over 3 000 kilometers of network managed in Italy. With the ambition of becoming a leader in Sustainable Mobility, the organization launched its Next to Digital and DnA programs with the goal to enable safer highways, automate business processes, and ultimately, execute decisions by becoming a data-driven company.

Therefore, Autostrade per l’Italia was looking for a solution that could enable their teams to easily leverage the enterprise's data assets by aggregating information from their different systems. Indeed, the company’s data comes from a wide variety of sources.


For this, they chose Zeenea, a data discovery solution that provides an easy & user-friendly data catalog that centralizes trustworthy data documentation.

Watch our webinar, co-presented by Leonardo Boretti, Head of Data Product at Autostrade per l’Italia, and Luc Legardeur, CEO at Zeenea, to discover:

🔹 The first part of the webinar, in Italian with English subtitles available:

  • Autostrade per Italia’s data journey, 
  • The data challenges of Autostrade per l’Italia, 
  • Why the firm chose Zeenea and its data catalog.

🔹 The second part, in English:

  • A demo of Zeenea’s unique features that help accelerate their data initiatives & innovations.


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About our speakers:


Leonardo Boretti


Leonardo Boretti has been working for Autostrade per l'Italia for several years in the field of data. His background covers designing and managing databases, data warehouses,  analytics, machine learning, data lake, and data governance. He currently works as Head of Data Product within the Chief Data Officer department and is responsible for the Autostrade Data platform & Governance.

Luc Legardeur


Luc started his career at Microsoft and Oracle. He then held various management positions for American software vendors in Europe. Serial entrepreneur, in 2004, he founded a group of consulting firms in the fields of Agile development and coaching, Java, Data, Mobile, Dotnet, and Salesforce. Founder of Xebia and XebiaLabs, he sold these 2 companies and joined Zeenea at the start of 2020. Luc is the initial investor of Zeenea and plays an operational role in its international expansion.