OKR framework to build your data strategy effectively!

S1E2 - OKR Q1

Setting up OKRs (Objective Key Results) are essential when building your data strategy.


An "Objective" is something which you want to achieve (and) that is aspirational for all employees. A "Key Result" is how you plan to measure quantitatively. 


In the Zeenea Effective Data Governance framework, OKRs are cascaded, resulting in Key Results from the Executives involved in the Data Strategy to individuals involved from an operational perspective.


Whilst Zeenea believes in a Bottom-Up approach, the OKR setting exercise is a Top-Down approach.


It is very important that, at each level, any one individual is able to understand the OKRs at the upper levels and how his or her OKRs contribute to the overall company Data Strategy.


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