Simplify Data Discovery and Trust for Your Business Users



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Having data is good, but having quality data is even better! With the explosion of data within companies, finding the necessary information can be quite a challenge for your business users. Not only is locating the data difficult, but it's also crucial to ensure its quality, source, safety, and compliance with privacy regulations.

To address this, Zeenea and Soda, leaders in Data Discovery and Data Quality Management, have partnered up to empower both data and business users to seamlessly locate, explore, and trust their data assets.

Watch Amir Hamza - Pre-Sales Engineer at Zeenea and Mathisse De Strooper - Director of Product at Soda to learn:

✔ The Challenge of Delivering Trusted, Reliable Data to the Business
✔ The importance of Data Discovery 
✔ A live demonstration of Zeenea and Soda, showcasing an integrated approach to advanced data discovery and powerful data quality that enables users to find, understand, and trust their data.


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About our speakers:


Mathisse De Strooper


Mathisse loves to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology. He creates, designs, and optimizes products that matter. He is leading the product management team at Soda where they are building a data observability and collaboration platform for your data teams. Prior to Soda, Mathisse has enjoyed different Product Manager roles at Collibra.

Amir Hamza


Amir began his career at a project management software company, working for the Customer Success team. He joined Zeenea in 2020, where he became a data management expert within his role as a Customer Success Manager. In 2022, he became Pre-Sales Engineer, with the objective of helping companies get more value from their data assets through Zeenea.