The Zeenea Effective Data Governance Framework

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Having sound data governance is one of the pillars of an effective data strategy.


Governance, however, has little to do with tooling. Its main purpose is the definition

of roles, responsibilities, company policies, procedures, controls, committees…In a

nutshell, its function is to deploy and orchestrate, in its entirety, the internal control of

data in all its dimensions.


Data governance has many different aspects (processing and storage architecture,

classification, retention, quality, risk, conformity, innovation, etc.) and there isn’t

a universal “one-size fits all” model adapted for all organizations. As with other

governance domains, such as information security, each organization must conceive and pilot its own data landscape, based on its capacities and ambitions. 

Putting in place effective data governance is not a project, but rather it is a transformation program.

For Zeenea, a Data Catalog plays a key role in a data governance program. This role

should not involve supporting all aspects of governance but should rather be utilized to facilitate communication and awareness of governance rules within the company and to help each stakeholder become an active part of this governance.


In our opinion, a Data Catalog is one of the components that deliver the biggest return on investment in data-centric organizations that rely on Data Lakes with modern data



The Zeenea Effective Data Governance Framework has been built with the experience of our Customer Success Team, relying on modern, actionable management frameworks and practices that helped our customers be successful in their Data Journey.


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