Accelerate Cloud Data with Integrated ETL

Zeenea x Matillion

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As enterprises move analytics to the cloud, they are often forced to balance between time spent manually gathering information about their data versus making that data useful as soon as possible.

Luckily, today’s enterprises no longer have to compromise between governing data and iterating on it rapidly at cloud scale. By integrating an ETL solution with a data catalog, data teams can automate the capture of data lineage – where the data came from, how it was transformed - and greatly reduce their workloads while accelerating their ability to bring insights to the business.

Gain insights from Matillion and Zeenea experts to see how you can get started fast in the cloud without compromise:

✳️  What is Data Quality Management

✳️  The 9 dimensions of Data Quality

✳️  Data Quality & Risk Management

✳️  The key features of a data catalog that contribute to managing quality data

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