How do Data Catalogs enable successful Data Quality Management?

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It is no secret that organizations today generate colossal volumes of data. However, having these large volumes of data is useless if they are of poor quality. 

One of the ways enterprises can ensure quality information assets is by implementing a data catalog solution.

In this webinar, Nicolas Boisnic, Product Manager at Zeenea, will go over:

🔸  What is Data Quality Management

🔸  The 9 dimensions of Data Quality

🔸  Data Quality & Risk Management

🔸  The key features of a data catalog that contribute to managing quality data

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About our speaker

Nicolas Boisnic


Nicolas began his career in the banking industry before gaining experience in the environmental, hygiene, and security sector where he discovered sustainable development working for Enablon Wolters Kluwer. He then worked in the data industry with Talend - a software vendor elected 3 years in a row by Gartner as a leader in Data Quality. He joined Zeenea in 2021 as a Product Manager in order to contribute to enterprise data democratization.

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