How does a Data Catalog unlock business value for the Pharmaceutical industry? - Live demo

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Like any industry, the pharmaceutical sector must keep up the pace with innovation, improve sales efficiency, and at the same time, comply with strict regulations.

To address these challenges, Pharma companies need to rely on and leverage their data assets.

Pharma data comes from a variety of sources and covers areas such as clinical trials and research data to improve the drug discovery process, manufacturing plans to monitor the quality of drug production and strict compliance with regulations, and sales networks for efficient analytics and improved results.

Watch our ~45 min webinar, co-presented by Ole Olsen-Bagneux - author of The Enterprise Data Catalog and former Lead Information Architect at LEO Pharma, and Luc Legardeur - Co-founder of Zeenea - to discover how pharmaceutical companies can unlock business value from their data assets through several use cases that can be addressed with a Data Catalog:

  • Enable product quality predictions,
  • Make sales data available to the analytics team for self-service analytics,
  • Comply with ISO IDMP standards,
  • and more.

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About our speakers


Luc Legardeur


Luc started his career at Microsoft and Oracle. He then held various management positions for American software vendors in Europe. Serial entrepreneur, in 2004, he founded a group of consulting firms in the fields of Agile development and coaching, Java, Data, Mobile, Dotnet, and Salesforce. Founder of Xebia and XebiaLabs, he sold these two companies and joined Zeenea at the start of 2020. Luc is the initial investor of Zeenea and plays an operational role in its international expansion.

Ole Olesen-Bagneux


Ole Olesen-Bagneux is the author of the upcoming book The Enterprise Data Catalog (O’Reilly, 2023). Ole holds a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Copenhagen, where he has taught courses on how to organize data and search for it again. As a practitioner in multiple industries and government agencies, Ole has been a specialist, leader, and IT Architect focusing on all aspects of data. In his book, he combines his theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to provide guidance on how to get started with data catalogs. The main message is, that how you organize data defines how you can search it.