What is a Smart Data Catalog?

And why it isn't only about machine learning

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The idea of a Smart Data Catalog has been around for a few years in metadata management-related literature, although it has no official definition. The general consensus is that a modern data catalog must-have machine learning and AI to unlock its potential.

In this webinar, Guillaume attempted to define how Zeenea handles the idea of the Smart Data Catalog through 5 areas - most of which do not involve machine learning: 

🔸 Metamodeling

🔸 The data inventory

🔸 Metadata management

🔸 The search engine

🔸 User experience

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About our speaker

Guillaume Bodet


Guillaume is the CEO and Head of Product at Zeenea, paving the way to help companies become data-driven. As the former CTO and Head of Product & Engineering of Finance Active, Guillaume is a hands-on web and Fintech leader. With over 10 years of experience in C-level positions, including CTO and Associate Partner at Xebia, Guillaume’s lean startup spirit, knowledge of technological innovation, and passion for business growth have enabled our clients to create true data democratization.

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