Why does data culture matter?


“Data culture” is a relatively new concept that is becoming essential to define when your organization wants to develop strategies through data. 


If we take the example of the Web Giants, what distinguishes them is most certainly by having a strong and on-the-offense data culture in order to innovate successfully. 


Regardless of whether that culture is decidedly controlled, completely open, or maybe something in between, your future data culture in your enterprise has to be defined, irrigating your organization day after day.


At zeenea, we believe in a workplace environment that exercises a consistent approach to decision-making through emphatic and empirical data proof.


Through this 30 minute webinar, join Luc Legardeur and Dina Kim in a discussion about:


  • What a data culture is, with examples of the different existing cultures while remaining within the semantic field of political systems (Data anarchy, Dara Data monarchy, Data Aristocracy, Democracy, Data).


  • A focus on data democracy and how it helps organizations produce value,


  • How Zeenea Data Catalog helps empower enterprises with the cultural evolution of data democracy. 

Curious to discover your enterprise’s data culture to innovate and produce more value with your data assets?


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