What is a data catalog?

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Topics on data are still considered to be an extremely technical domain. However, data innovation is only possible if it is shared by as many people as possible.


They must be autonomous in accessing data to measure, start, or optimize a product or service. To innovate requires a certain flexibility and agility, which is, to this day, scarcely present in organizations.


Democratize data access!

This is the very reason for data catalogs: to allow your collaborators to find the data they need via one easy-to- use platform above data systems.

Data catalogs don’t require technical expertise to actually discover what is new and seize opportunities.

Learn everything about data catalogs. In this data sheet, you’ll discover :


✔️The purpose of a data catalog,


✔️The key features that a data catalog must have,


✔️Some data catalog use cases,


✔️The benefits of a data catalog.

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