How to improve Analytics with Zeenea, Snowflake & Tableau

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Zeenea provides Snowflake and Tableau customers with advanced data management features in order to build a single point of trustful and comprehensive information.



Join us on Thursday, May 27th to see Zeenea Data Catalog connect to Snowflake & Tableau with our customer AppFolio



We've invited our special guest, AppFolio (US California), the market leader in Property Management Software, to discuss how they were able to improve analytics with Snowflake, Tableau, and Zeenea. 



Zackary Naas's, the Lead for the Analytics Engineering Team at AppFolio  testimonial:


AppFolio's data culture is undergoing rapid growth, creating even stronger dependency on the Snowflake Data Warehouse to ensure delivery of analyses and reporting are efficient and accurate. Join this talk to learn about Analytics at AppFolio and how Zeenea is playing a foundational role in the Analytics organization's growth and success.



After this presentation, we will present how Zeenea can:


  • Curate your Snowflake assets and Tableau reports 
  • Simplify Snowflake data discovery